Book Review: THE REBEL of GOZA by Steve Freeman

When Steve Freeman asks me if I’d like to review his latest novel, I never hesitate. I no longer even ask for a preview before deciding. That’s because I know if Steve Freeman wrote it, I’ll enjoy it. 

And enjoy The Rebel of Goza is what I did. In less than 48 hours I closed the book with a smile so satisfied you might have thought I’d just tasted the finest tequila. Speaking of tequila, that famous Mexican drink kicks off the action in this story of Gaby, a pretty, slightly rebellious but ambitious young woman who doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life harvesting agarve and teaching Tae Kwan Do to local kids. She’s sure life has more to offer her. After she chats with her “abuelo”, her grandfather, she learns that the old buildings she can see at the fringe of their property once produced the best tequila in the region, thanks to her abuelo. Gaby decides it’s time to resurrect the distillery, with a new owner and operator: Gaby Goza!

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But someone else has plans for those abandoned buildings as Gaby suddenly discovers one night when she’s checking out the setup and overhears men talking about cocaine. She runs for her life: Gaby has stumbled onto a massive Mexican drug cartel. When her grandfather is slaughtered and her brother kidnapped, Gaby forgets about restarting a distillery. With the help of her two Tae Kwan Do associates, she takes on a murderous bunch of narcos in her efforts to find her brother. Can this small trio rescue the kidnapped brother and come out alive when the cartel boss has a $25,000,000 deal going down, and over 30 gunmen protecting the stash of cocaine? Read it to find out!

Steve Freeman is a master at pulling off a high-powered, fast moving plot with realistic, moving characters and wonderfully detailed, but not heavy descriptions. He enjoys keeping chapters short…but it’s rare to be able to stop at the end of each chapter. You just have to read one more, then one more. That’s how I read this one in 48 hours. 

Much to my delight, Freeman has an most unexpected surprise for his readers after the story concludes. No, it’s not a bottle of Gaby Goza’s Tequila, but … well, read the book and see for yourself. Makes me want to book a flight to Guadaloupe to sip Tequila! 

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