Book Review: DADDY'S CURSE 3 by Luke G. Dahl

If you’ve read the first two books in this series by Luke. G. Dahl, you will remember the pedophile Bat Erdene, a wealthy child and drug trafficker whom you met, and most likely loathed in Daddy’s Curse 2. Well now, in the final book of the series, Daddy’s Curse 3, you will learn how and why Bat Erdeen became the monster he was. Will you come away liking him more? Probably not. But you will have a better understanding of how much a father’s authority and actions affects a young boy’s future thinking and behaviour. 

Born into wealth and social status, Erdene was an arrogant, but highly intelligent youngster with a strong sense of entitlement who loved his mother, and revered but feared his father. Bat’s father angered easily and was so horribly abusive to his wife that he ended up strangling her during one of his many rages. Bat, in turn, killed his father. As he grew into adulthood, fueled by father’s mantra that if he wanted to succeed in life, he had to make people submit to and obey his will, and severely punish those who disobeyed, as much as he didn’t want to be like his father, Bat Erdeen became a monster.

Those who have read the first two books will recognize some of the people whom we meet again in Daddy’s Curse 3. It’s not necessary to have read those books, but curious readers will be tempted to find out what they’ve missed by not reading them.  Do it. Grab copies of both books. While the content is disturbing, often stomach-turning, the style of writing is simple and easy to read. All three books are short, but provocative and unforgettable. Book club members unafraid of discussing the ugly realities faced by too many victims of sexual and other abuse, along with man’s never-ending inhumanity to men and women, will find plenty of material in this series by Luke. G. Dahl. Highly recommended.

NOTE: Given the ongoing and growing amount of human trafficking, internet pedophilia and worldwide sexual abuse of adults and children of both sexes, can we afford to pretend this isn't happening? It's not only happening, it's increasing. Writers like Luke G. Dahl and others like me who have dared to speak up, awareness is growing. If you care about your children and those of your family and friends, as I do...and which is why I read and review books like these, grab all 3 of Luke's books from his Amazon page now. And if you can stomach more after these, check out his other book, The Gangs of Stockholm. 

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