This video began as a poem. The first few days after everything went into lockdown because of #COVID 19, I felt numb. It was all so surreal. Both my daughters were in different countries and my husband and I realized we wouldn’t be seeing them or our extended families for weeks, maybe months, maybe even forever if any of us were unlucky and passed away from the virus, as so many have done. So today, Mothers Day 2020, I put my poem and photos together to express how I have been feeling during this social isolation. In 2 days, May 12, my younger daughter and her husband will celebrate their first anniversary. The family photos near the end were taken at their wedding a year ago. We haven’t seen any of the extended families since. This video is for all our friends and family...and all others worldwide experiencing social isolation during this 2020 pandemic. Thanks for watching, and when you have, how about sharing what you have been feeling since this pandemic began. 


I have never, ever felt this way before
I've stepped into another world and feel so insecure
Everything’s familiar, yet everything has changed 
like pieces on a game board, life’s been rearranged 

Now I walk the streets alone, through the park closest to home
There are  ducks and geese on the pond but where have the people gone?
Wait!  I see some strangers on the other side of the street
Do they live in our neighbourhood? 

Our eyes meet, and for the first time ever, we smile and say hello 
to neighbours we never knew we had a few long weeks ago
Now others are coming our way; this time we stop to talk
And I feel my spirits lifting as I continue on my walk

Yes, life flipped upside down and will never be the same
But perhaps it’ll be even better than before this virus came
Cyber hugs are good, but  never will they replace
A friendly voice, a loving touch, a smile, a kiss or embrace

We will settle in to a new normal, no-one knows quite when
But once we do, let’s cherish the freedoms we regain
We’ve been given a big “time out” to remember what we’ve known
But forgot as we rushed around: 
there’s no place like home.

For now dear friends and relatives
Life may keep  us apart
But We will always be together
Within the home of a loving heart.

Copyright VIGA BOLAND 2020