When you read Killer Calories, a Hi Fiber Lo Fat Mystery by Nancy Good, you will understand the rather unusual title applied to what is, after all, a sleuth mystery. Its sleuthing protagonist, Melanie, is zany, funny, ready for an affair after 12 years of marriage and totally obsessed with keeping herself slim through a diet of non-fat foods and overdosing on vitamins and herbs every time she’s stressed. 

When Melanie happens across the bloodied body of good-looking Ralph, just one object of her sexual fantasies, her stress levels are off the charts, as is her natural remedies intake. She knows she should leave the detective work to the police, but she’s also a wannabe famous writer and can’t resist the opportunity to co-write a screenplay based on Ralph’s murder with another gorgeous hunk, Devon. Together, they work on finding the murderer...and it’s a surprise...while trying to ignore the physical chemistry between them. 

Readers will have a ball enjoying Melanie’s zany justifications for everything she thinks and does, and if they like Nancy Good’s approach to mystery writing, the best news is this book is the first in a series planned around the very likeable character of Melanie Demming. Good’s style includes lots of easy dialogue and colourful characters, but underneath all the fun, are some astute observations on class differences, materialism and marriage.  

This is a quick, fun read and highly recommended if you’re eager for something a little different in mystery fiction. 

260 Pages
Fiction - Mystery - Sleuth

Reviewed by Viga Boland, author &book reviewer

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